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About Research Electronics

Research Electronics in brief

We deliver electronics that are tailored to customer requirements. Often these are control and regulation devices that require high speed and precision, or measuring equipment for extreme environments.

Our engineers have a great deal of expertise in both analogue and digital design, high and low frequencies, hardware and software. This enables us to produce reliable solutions that are new to the market.

Often there is a lot more that can be solved with the help of electronics than the customer initially thinks.

Research Electronics make the impossible possible.


Electronics that turn your visions into reality

Perhaps you have an idea or maybe you are facing a problem, but you don’t know what can be solved with the help of electronics.

We can help in the first place by acting as your sounding board. Together with you, we identify the vision or the problem, discuss suggestions and the facts until we agree on what approach to take, and we develop a specification for the intended product.

We have a broad range of expertise and work with:
– Analogue and digital electronics
– Software and hardware
– Low signal levels
– Extremely high frequencies

Bespoke electronics systems – from concept to finished product.


From concept to production – how we work

We are extremely committed and we contribute throughout the process – all the way from concept to production and installation:

  1. Fact-finding – We discuss and identify your idea or vision or your problem.
  2. Investigation, analysis and proposed solutions
  3. Product specification – We discuss the proposals and ultimately specify what the product needs to be able to do.
  4. Design – We design the hardware and software, as well as the circuit boards.
  5. Production of the electronics – We produce prototypes and start series production.
  6. EMC testing of prototypes for CE labelling.
  7. Installation – We install directly on site for the end customer.

We also build and customise computers, servers and network solutions according to your requirements.
Our breadth of knowledge is your guarantee of a great end product!