Marine data logs for Ullman Dynamics

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Ullman Dynamics manufactures shock-absorbent, ergonomic boat seats that can handle high speeds on the water. In the summer of 2014, the inventor, Doctor Johan Ullman, was the race doctor for the world’s largest powerboat race in Monte Carlo.

An assignment he agreed to on the condition that he could rig all the boats with equipment to measure the vibrations. Two drivers in each boat were equipped with a measuring device, to compare their exposure to impacts with their pain level.

Research Electronics has developed marine data logs that can perform sampling 600 times per second. They also show the GPS data for position, speed and course. The progress can be followed on Google Earth, which shows the vibration levels along the course. Previously, only mean vibration values were measured. This study provides more accurate data.


Research Electronics has been involved in producing equipment that allows us to compare drivers’ exposure to impacts and how much pain they feel over time. This allows us to determine thresholds for how much exposure can be expected to cause injury.
/ Johan Ullman, Ullman Dynamics